About Me

Hello and welcome to the kitchen where my goal is to craft helpful literary nachos for you to easily digest! To know the story behind Literary Nachos, check out my page Why Literary Nachos?

My name is Michael Lepien and I want to give you just a little info about me. I married the most amazing woman, Jaclyn, in 2005 and love her more each year together. She is my best friend and closest confidant. It’s difficult to put into words how incredible she is. We have three amazing children who light up our lives with laughter, joy and a little bit of frustration at times. Let’s be honest, parenting is hard! We lived in Denton, TX from 2008 to 2015 and helped plant Journey Church where I served as the associate pastor and Jaclyn as the children’s ministry director. In 2012 I also started contracted media work for Reasonable Faith, an apologetics organization started by William Lane Craig, one of the worlds leading defenders of the Christian faith. In December of 2015 we moved to Oklahoma City to join the staff of Southpointe Church. Here, Jaclyn serves as the Children’s Pastor and I serve as the Associate Pastor. 

I am a devoted reader, as you’ll discover through following Literary Nachos. I try to fill my soul so I can influence and lead others effectively out of fullness rather then leading on empty. Few things excite me more than having a challenging book that I can’t put down at 1am. I am definitely a night-owl!

The goal of this blog is to be helpful. I realize others won’t read as much as I do, so I want to give whatever help I can away to you or someone you think could benefit from this blog. So let’s dive into that plate of nachos waiting over here!


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