Why Literary Nachos?

So, your friend sits down beside you with a massive plate of nachos. You know he can’t eat them all, and oh how you wish he would share with you.

In 2014 I made the commitment to read 26 books and ended up reading 52. I was excited by how much I surpassed my goal. It was the first time I’ve ever read that many books in a year! I realized as much as I was reading, I can’t benefit from it all myself. And while I’m actively working to absorb all this great information into my life, one person can only utilize so much. I want it to benefit others besides myself and a friend recommended that I share my reading.

So it’s time for me to give you some nachos. I’ve got a plate full of books and I can’t digest them all. Here’s a blog that provides summaries, recommendations and big takeaways from the books that I’m reading.

I am a Christian pastor, so many of the books I read and the opinions I give will come from that worldview. I started this blog in February 2015 and I hope it will be helpful for you, your family, your ministry, your business, and for those who will be impacted by what you learn.


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